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The Zodiac Series: Capricorn (22nd December - 19th January)

Ambitious / Responsible / Patient / Loyal / Conceited / Resourceful / Disciplined / Distrusting / Detached

So the second illustration in my Zodiac Series is Capricorn. I really loved drawing my Taurus Article, and I have to be honest, I was genuinely shocked at how popular it was- on the first day it was published I got orders through immediately- including four very large framed prints and requests for the original. Often my work is commissioned- either commercial or private, or for an exhibition- but sometimes I draw pictures just for the love of it- I have an idea and in order to get it out of my head I have to get it on to paper, and this is how it was with the Zodiac Series. When you create something in this way, however, you must be prepared for the fact that other people may not like it or find it interesting, so its popularity has been very gratifying. Every day I receive messages and emails from people wondering when their sign will be drawn. This is wonderful but a little daunting- what if people do not like how I portray their sign? Also, as someone who has never really been into horoscopes or star signs, I’m amazed how much some people are, although I must say I’m really enjoying doing the research and visualising a character based on the traits. And for anyone that is wondering- I will be doing the signs in order now- I began with Taurus, as that is my sign, continued with Capricorn as that is this month’s sign and am beginning Aquarius this week. Each sign takes about a week all in, so the entire series will be complete in the next few months.

Anyway, back to Capricorn. I don’t know too many people of this star sign, to be honest, but the one or two I know I can certainly see the above traits in. Capricorn is an interesting mix of the good and the bad but not opposing, complementary: without light there is no shadow and conversely, shadow makes the light more striking. Researching this sign I got a picture of a very strong and independent person, someone who is happy to be on their own. Hard work, ambition and a need for control appear to be the main trains of this signs, coupled with patience, leading ultimately to success:

‘The Capricorn personality is geared towards that of leadership and achievement, they always want to climb the corporate ladder and be the best they can be.’ For this reason I wanted my Capricorn woman to have a strong bone structure, excellent poise, a proud tilt to the head, and a distant gaze. Her over-all image should be polished and sophisticated- ‘Capricorns crave financial and material security, they are very concerned with their public standing and prestige’ and her style classic, ‘they’re drawn to the classics, in style, culture and literature.’ Capricorns may be interested to know that they 'age in reverse, growing younger and less burdened as they get older.'!!! Lucky beggars. I added the Capricorn symbol as a tattoo on her shoulder.

‘The flowers of Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, are the heartsease, or pansy’. Again, I added the animal skull, but I won’t be gothifying every image. The colours associated with this sign are dark blue and green- this worked well with the intensity of the shadow on the figure, and gave a dark, dramatic feel to the image.

The Zodiac Series will be available as a gift pack of an A5 mounted print with a greetings card, for £18- I thought this would make a great present, and a perfect size to post. As usual the limited edition prints (of 100) will be £50 for A3 and £95 for A2. Contact me directly to order.

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