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By Sara O'Neill


Naturally, Sara's illustrations are hugely influenced by her work in the fashion industry. She takes inspiration from the photographers she works with, learning about lighting and composition, and the models she works with often become her muses. She will often create an image in real life, which she photographs as the reference for a drawing.


Sara is represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency, London. Her commercial illustrations are colourful and diverse- anything from a mother and baby to flowers, food and drink. Previous clients have included West Coast Cooler, Toni and Guy, Goldwell and The Fashion Souk.

La Belle et La Bete

'La Belle et La Bete' was Sara's debut solo exhibition of pencil drawings, opening in November 2011. In this, she explored the idea of attraction, looking at iconic couples in music, film and history, where a beautiful woman fell in love with an 'aesthetically challenged' man. She believes that it is in fact talent, passion and charisma, over good looks, that makes a man attractive. Surely Serge Gainsbourg with his role-call of beautiful women, including Bardot and Jane Birken, is testament to this?

Love me to Death

In her second solo exhibition in November 2012, Sara revisited her teenaged goth years and her obsession with classic gothic literature. She plundered Bronte's Wuthering Heights, Dickens' Great Expectations, DuMaurier's Rebecca, as well as Shakespeare and modern classic A Clockwork Orange, for inspiration. She recreated the characters, often strong but doomed heroines, with a modern fashion twist, bringing in floral imagery and splashes of colour.

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